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Vote ABM (Anyone But Metallica)

Vote for the best album of the 90's, just don't vote for Metallica. A vote for Metallica is a vote for that whiney little bitch Lars Ulrich...

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Not one Soul, R&B or Funk a... (Below threshold)

Not one Soul, R&B or Funk album on the list. I will pass. :-)

Hey Dave - there is a reaso... (Below threshold)

Hey Dave - there is a reason for that - the decade being voted on was the 90s. Soul and R&B hasn't really advanced or changed since, oh, I don't know, late 50s motown (except instead of sly inuendo, the singers/writers these days just come out and talk about banging). Funk will always be exciting and good, but nothing new or inventive was created in the 90s (except that white hippies have joined the fray, and Will Smith borrowed Stevie Wonder to create the BS theme to his crap movie "Wild West").

That being said, Lars is a bitch. He is way too articulate for a metal drummer. Plus, most of the nonsense they have released since that album has been shit.

But a vote for Nirvana is a... (Below threshold)

But a vote for Nirvana is a vote for an overrated psycho who became more popular dead than alive.






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