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Will you still need me, will you still feed me...

In 1967, The Beatles released "When I'm Sixty-Four."

Today, Ringo Starr turns sixty-four.

You all may commence feeling very, very old now.



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Comments (4)

You can all feel as old as ... (Below threshold)

You can all feel as old as you want. Just because you know the song and the band doesn't mean that you are old. I am 23 and the Sgt. Peppers was the first tape I ever owned. The Beatles are and will remain (especiallly with the state of music today) one of the greatest song-writing teams ever. Noone will be able to reproduce their success.

The Fab Four still stand th... (Below threshold)
Usagi Yojimbo:

The Fab Four still stand the test of time, especially compared to what passes for today's music. When did they break up - 1970? And their stuff's still being played today. 34 years from now, who will remember Creed, Britney or Korn?

Where's that youngster for ... (Below threshold)

Where's that youngster for my blood transfusion? I need at least one a day!
(I bought that album *when it was released* so I guess I am now, officially, older than dirt)

Dylans music will last a th... (Below threshold)

Dylans music will last a thousand years, except for Yesterday the Beatles will be soon forgotten.






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