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The Kerry/Edwards ticket is set to spark a domain bidding war. From the Indianapolis Star:

The Web site an Indianapolis bail bondsman started two years ago so he could post a photo of his toddler became an instant bonanza on Tuesday.

The phone at State Bail Bonding started ringing off the hook for Kerry Edwards early in the day, even before Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry announced his running mate will be Sen. John Edwards.

Suddenly kerryedwards.com was a highly sought-after Web address.

But back in 2002, the 34-year-old Indianapolis man was the only one with an interest in it. He bought the rights and posted a picture of his now 4-year-old son, Kerry Parker Edwards. He figured few would ever see it.

One of the first calls was from the newly formed Kerry-Edwards campaign, asking Edwards to donate his Web domain to the campaign.

Edwards said he's in no financial position to give it away, especially when he says offers up to $30,000 are pouring in.

Admit it, you're jealous...


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Comments (15)

I'm going to register nader... (Below threshold)

I'm going to register nadersharpton.com. Just in case.

I wonder if Hillary2008.com... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Hillary2008.com is available?

"One of the first calls was... (Below threshold)

"One of the first calls was from the newly formed Kerry-Edwards campaign, asking Edwards to donate his Web domain to the campaign."

Gee, you mean he didn't want to give something that he paid for away for nothing? I'm shocked. But it's for the "common good". What a lousy Marxist this guy is, expecting financial compensation in return for an object of value that someone else wants to obtain from him. Didn't he get Hillary's memo? The nerve of that guy.

Ah, Kerry the gazillionaire... (Below threshold)

Ah, Kerry the gazillionaire, unwilling to pay for a domain name.

That's the Democratic mindset alright...donate!

I can think of several reas... (Below threshold)

I can think of several reasons the campaign asked him to "donate."

1) The campaign honestly doesn't think it should pay for anything.

2) The campaign decided to take a chance and see if he's a supporter who would be willing to donate.

3) The campaign chose to see what his price was; if I could purchase something for a price somewhere between "free" and $30,000, I'm going to offer "free" first to see if the other guy will go for it.


I'd hold on to it until hel... (Below threshold)

I'd hold on to it until hell freezes over before I'd "donate" it to the democraps.

You know what would be REAL... (Below threshold)

You know what would be REALLY funny? If some guy, I don't know, president of Haliburton, or some Saudi prince, or Ken Lay, spent a huge sum to buy up all possible domain names, and refused to sell them to the Frankenstein/Young-and-Inexperienced campaign, only to give them away days after the election.

Corey, that'd be hillarious... (Below threshold)

Corey, that'd be hillarious. I could see the campaign commercials now:

Donate to the Kerry Campaign at:

Hey now... kerry.isfullofcr... (Below threshold)

Hey now... kerry.isfullofcrap.com is still available. ;)

I prefer<a hr... (Below threshold)

I prefer

oops, somebody already took it!

If I were that guy, I'd ask... (Below threshold)

If I were that guy, I'd ask the Kerry/Edwards campaign for a $30,000 donation to the college savings fund for Kerry Edwards.

Sugar:If I were th... (Below threshold)


If I were that guy and I were offered $30,000 dollars for the domain? I would have only one word to say:


The part I like the best is... (Below threshold)

The part I like the best is he runs a bail bonds biz.
"Donate it? Are you kidding? My bottom line depends on Law & Order folks to be running the show and locking folks up. If you guys win, I'd have to close my shop."

I think the guy should ask ... (Below threshold)

I think the guy should ask his price, whatever it is, and then let the K/E people respond.

But, in my experience, the assumption by the Dems that the guy should "donate" the domain is par for the course, pretty well describes the going Marxist stance by Democrats everywhere. I had a site once that was beset by liberals, all of whom had polls going among themselves (my site, polls excluded me, however, until I deleted them) as to who *would take* my site, because they didn't like my "conservatism."

And, worse yet, it was a serious discussion they were having. Private property (they alleged) be damned.

I write, "ask his price," b... (Below threshold)

I write, "ask his price," because, I mean, the price reflects the worth of the issue. If it's worth, say, several million, then ask for it, see what transpires.






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