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Christopher Hitchens - Gossip Columnist

Slate and Vanity Fair columnist Christopher Hitchens drops a couple pieces of gossip in an upcoming Vanity Fair piece. From Rush & Molloy at The New York Daily News:

Just like any dad, President Bush may sometimes feel exasperated by his children.

Vanity Fair's Christopher Hitchens reports in his August column that "a prominent senator" told him that, while visiting the President recently, the senator complimented Bush on his desk photo of First Daughters Barbara and Jenna.

"You have children?" Bush asked.

"Oh yes, Mr. President."

"You like them?"

"Of course, Mr. President."

"Mine are a pain in the a--," a straight-faced Bush allegedly responded.

Though the girls haven't lately embarrassed dad with any boozy behavior (at least none we've heard about), Hitchens suggests the sober Bush "resents them because they can cut loose and he can't."

"That Bush did not surrender to the need for a colossal bourbon on Sept. 11 stands, I think to his credit," writes Hitchens, himself a Johnny Walker enthusiast.

P.S. Hitchens reports that Bill Clinton was telling the truth when he said he never inhaled during his time at Oxford. Having been at the university then, Hitchens says Clinton "had no aversion to the brownies and cookies that were then a favorite method of marijuana main-line ingestion."

Can't wait to see what else is in that column.

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Hitch must not have raised ... (Below threshold)

Hitch must not have raised kids through the teenaged years and young adulthood if he thinks it's news that kids can be a pain in the ass.

Can't stand the smoke... (Below threshold)

Can't stand the smoke
Pass the Brownies

That is Soooo Bubba

All you had to do was liste... (Below threshold)

All you had to do was listen to Bill play the sax to know he didn't inhale...






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