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I wanna live forever...

There was a recent dust-up involving has-been actress/dancer/singer Irene Cara and her age. Apparently reports that she was born in 1958 or 1959 were mistaken. According to her agent, Cara was actually born in 1964.

Cara burst into the public scene in 1980, with the movie (and subsequent TV series) Fame. In that, she has a topless scene.

Pedophiles, rejoice! Cara now joins the ranks of under-age actresses to appear nude on film, alongside such notables as Brooke Shields (12), Michelle Johnson (17), and Traci Lords (15).


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You neglected to mention Th... (Below threshold)

You neglected to mention Thora Birch. Wasn't she 16 when she filmed AMERICAN BEAUTY?

O.k., on one hand I can und... (Below threshold)

O.k., on one hand I can understand that underage actors etc, need some protection from producers and other male predators.

on the other hand: appearing topless in a movie for a 16year old girl is not such a terrible ordeal if it happened without undue pressure or harrasment.
Just look at any given sunny day at any average lakeside, riverside or beach here in Germany and you see them by the thousands.....................

Mmmmm... Irene Cara... (Below threshold)

Mmmmm... Irene Cara

Come on, Jay! Cara didn't h... (Below threshold)

Come on, Jay! Cara didn't hold a candle to her "replacement" Cynthia Gibb (who also eventually appeared topless in some stupid hockey movie) and the subsequent addition of Nia Peeples

I suspect that the 1959 dat... (Below threshold)

I suspect that the 1959 date is true and this was just her trying fudge her age downward in the present.

"In that, she has a topless... (Below threshold)

"In that, she has a topless scene."

She had a top?

I'm not certain what I find... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I'm not certain what I find more disturbing, in retrospect: the fact that I knew about those three actresses who performed nude scenes while still under 18, or someone found another one so quickly.







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