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"Just Stand There And Look Pretty, John"

Spoken by Hillary Clinton to John Edwards, on the Senate floor. Daniel Aronstein forwards the old Howard Fineman Newsweek article that has the quote.

When she [Hillary] wanted prime time - and lots of it - to explain in a lengthy floor speech why she was backing Bush on Iraq, Clinton asked Byrd to give her a chunk of his time. He happily agreed. When the hard-charging and Hollywood-handsome Sen. John Edwards rushed to the floor at the last minute and asked to speak, Democratic leaders had no time left to give him. Clinton couldn't restrain a triumphant grin at the plight of a clear rival - in fact, one who is seeking the 2004 nomination. She spoke to him in a near shout - loud enough for the galleries to hear. Just stand there and look pretty, John, she said.
Win or loose, Edwards clearly clouds Hillary's White House dreams.

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Welll, to Hillary Clinton's... (Below threshold)

Welll, to Hillary Clinton's credit, at least she didn't say, "step onto the platform and dance for me."

hard-charging and Holly... (Below threshold)

hard-charging and Hollywood-handsome Sen. John Edwards

Oh, c'mon! Am I the only one who thinks the rumors about John Edwards' good looks are being greatly exaggerated. I may not know that much about dudes, but the guy's not that pretty. It reminds me of when Quayle was picked and the media pointed out that he kinda, sorta looks like Robert Redford, if you squint really hard and close your eyes most of the way.






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