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Allah has this to say about the current Wimbledon ladies champion Maria Sharapova:

Thick neck, square jaw, broad shoulders, and just a hint of five o'clock shadow. How does that song go again?
You'll have to go read the rest, but suffice it to say a Kinks song is reworked.

To refute the smear from the Almighty, the defense would like to introduce into evidence this photograph from Wimbledon.

The defense rests.

Comments (9)

It is clear the Christians ... (Below threshold)

It is clear the Christians are praying to the correct God. If Allah can make that big of a mistake in judging his own creation, he clearly is not the horse to bet on if you want to get into Heaven (or up there with the virgins, etc.)

Here's another song for you... (Below threshold)

Here's another song for you: Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby . . .

I have to say Allah is a ge... (Below threshold)

I have to say Allah is a genius. As a babe judge, the defense loses.

Don't get me wrong. Sharap... (Below threshold)

Don't get me wrong. Sharapova's plenty hot, and light years better than anything I'll ever have. But she's more of a "hottest girl on campus" type, whereas Anna's of the "hottest girl in Russia" sort.

Me so Kourny.

So does this put you back a... (Below threshold)

So does this put you back at the top of the babe wars?

I never left the top...... (Below threshold)

I never left the top...

Zowie. Uhm, great eyes.</p... (Below threshold)

Zowie. Uhm, great eyes.

I see no proof. Fabio's go... (Below threshold)

I see no proof. Fabio's got bigger boobs than that. And she's a little lacking in the badonkadonk department.

Ahhhh, as my dear departed ... (Below threshold)

Ahhhh, as my dear departed father used to say, "'Tis a wonderfurl world with girls in it."

Thanks Kevin.






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