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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, that means so it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (44)

I saw this trick in a Croco... (Below threshold)

I saw this trick in a Crocodile Dundee movie. You will go to sleep, and keep your f-ing hands off of me!

Whoo whoo whoo whoor... (Below threshold)

Whoo whoo whoo whoo
rawr rawr raww rawr
nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

And don't even Think about ... (Below threshold)

And don't even Think about touching the hair!

Hee-hee-hee. Titty twister... (Below threshold)

Hee-hee-hee. Titty twister on three. One....two....

"And I was hella tappin' th... (Below threshold)

"And I was hella tappin' that ass" - Kerry

Alright John, remember... w... (Below threshold)

Alright John, remember... we're still supposed to be in the closet. Easy on the touchy feely... mmmmk?

"Know I know why they call ... (Below threshold)

"Know I know why they call it a COWLICK you BULL, you!"

Really, John... I swear it ... (Below threshold)

Really, John... I swear it IS that big.

"It's a simple 'slight-of-h... (Below threshold)

"It's a simple 'slight-of-hand' John. If I hold my RIGHT hand up here they won't see where my left hand is, or what it's doing!"

Back aboard their private j... (Below threshold)

Back aboard their private jet, Kerry and Edwards resume their favorite sport: A STARING CONTEST!

Now, Johnny E., you look a ... (Below threshold)

Now, Johnny E., you look a little apprehensive... Don't worry, the table's in the way of the camera's shot, so I'm just gonna slide my hand - that's right, this one here - under the table and slowly unzip...

Give me five, my brotha!</p... (Below threshold)

Give me five, my brotha!

I said, give me five....five....


Come on, don't leave me hanging....

Damn, nigga, you dissin the JFK?

after we win this election,... (Below threshold)

after we win this election, and we overcome the amendment against gay marriage, lets hook up for REAL!!

No I'm not entering a capti... (Below threshold)

No I'm not entering a caption, just testing out comments...

"Sure I'll let you handle m... (Below threshold)

"Sure I'll let you handle my divorce, John, BUT FIRST you gotta guarantee you'll get me half her dough, and you gotta cut your normal contingency from 35% to 20%. And before you sday "no' - remember that could still top 150 MILLION bucks - and that ain't CHUMP CHANGE, even to a successful ambulance chaser like you!"

So John...Teresa is on her ... (Below threshold)

So John...Teresa is on her knees and my hand is on her head like this....

I don't care how young you ... (Below threshold)

I don't care how young you are, John, you're putting your own damn mask on it the plane springs a leak.

Seriously dude, high-five o... (Below threshold)

Seriously dude, high-five on the touchy-feely thing. We've got the gay vote locked down.

<a href="http://seattletime... (Below threshold)
.. and now G's even got Wiz... (Below threshold)

.. and now G's even got WizBang trying to make fun of us .. how desperate can one be

While flying somewhere over... (Below threshold)

While flying somewhere over North Carolina, the two John's spend quality time discussing their campaign strategy for Edwards' home state this weekend...

Kerry: "No kidding, I can chug a pitcher this tall. You'll have to take me to some of the bars on Hillsborough Street after the rally. How about The Doll House? I could use a good lap dance."

Edwards thinking: "Yeah, he's going down in the first year and I'll be the big cheese. Who's yo daddy now? Huh?"

"I don't have time for the ... (Below threshold)

"I don't have time for the intel briefing. I have to hang with REAL Americans to raise more money."

See, the Jedi Mind Trick is allll in the wrist.

Bush is in trouble now, KAP... (Below threshold)

Bush is in trouble now, KAPOW, STRAIGHT TO THE MOON ALICE!

Ya know John, I could use a... (Below threshold)

Ya know John, I could use a stack of 100's about this high tommorrow night...

Mine is only this big.....a... (Below threshold)

Mine is only this big.....around

Listen, I'm tellin' you, ju... (Below threshold)

Listen, I'm tellin' you, just a few more dead soldiers and bam, we're in there.

"And I have a vision for Am... (Below threshold)

"And I have a vision for America that's ... that's ... oh my ... my Lord John ... your lips ... they're like luscious, dew-flecked strawberries ..."

Can you change "dew-flecked... (Below threshold)

Can you change "dew-flecked" to "dew-dappled?" That rolls off Kerry's tongue better ...

Wanna arm wrestle?... (Below threshold)

Wanna arm wrestle?

"My fingers to your mouth, ... (Below threshold)

"My fingers to your mouth, John.

"My fingers to your mouth.

"My fingers to your mouth, to your mouth, to your mouth, my fingeres to your mouth, John.

"Oh, John, my fingers to your mouth. Here they come, my fingers to your mouth."

"Put your hand in mine, and... (Below threshold)

"Put your hand in mine, and then kiss me you beautiful fool ..."

The same thing I do every d... (Below threshold)

The same thing I do every day, Pinky. Plan to take over the world!

Look, Stop that now J.E. I ... (Below threshold)

Look, Stop that now J.E. I don't want you going blind before the election.

"And if we win, I'll build ... (Below threshold)

"And if we win, I'll build you a treehouse in the backyard of the White House where you and all your little Senate friends can have sleepovers anytime you want. But the Lincoln Bedroom is mine."

"I don't want you calling m... (Below threshold)

"I don't want you calling me Uncle Lurch anymore. Do it again and I'll slap your wrist so hard it'll sting for several minutes."

"Okay, Uncle Lurch."

"I warned you."

Sen. Edwards is photographe... (Below threshold)

Sen. Edwards is photographed in deep conversation with the animatronic Kerry substitute, unaware that it's not the real Kerry. Later, he told reporters after learning the truth, "I like the robot better, he's just a more likable guy."

"Stop making fun of me, Joh... (Below threshold)

"Stop making fun of me, John, or Daddy spank."

Stolen from Stryker at www.... (Below threshold)

Stolen from Stryker at www.digitalwarfighter.com
JK: Then we strike like a cobra.
JE: A cobra?
JK: A freaking...COBRA!
JE: ...

I learned a new sex positio... (Below threshold)

I learned a new sex position, here let me show you

JFK: I actually did grab ... (Below threshold)

JFK: I actually did grab your ass, before I decided not to.

JE: Yeah . . . well, in the future, please keep your hands away from my populist pants.

How did the two find wives ... (Below threshold)

How did the two find wives before they met each other? Kerry was against being gay before he was for it.

"C'mon, Edwards, just put y... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"C'mon, Edwards, just put your hands out, palms up. Then try to slap the backs of my hands. That's how you win, not by threatening to sue me!"


"So, I figure you were abou... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"So, I figure you were about this tall when I won my three purple hearts in Viet Nam. Did you know I was in Viet Nam?"


"Just one thing I gotta tel... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Just one thing I gotta tell ya. That short Secret Service Agent, he pushes."

(I'm back)






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