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Wishful Thinking?

Does UPI know something we don't?


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Comments (3)

Thats a shame. I wish we ha... (Below threshold)

Thats a shame. I wish we had a government that held our intrest more at heart that a few Right-wing Zionists.

Those idiots at UPI! Don't ... (Below threshold)

Those idiots at UPI! Don't they know that it's President Gore, not Kerry?

Nope - I give UPI a pass on... (Below threshold)

Nope - I give UPI a pass on this. The story is an "analysis" piece on how a President Kerry would be on issues regarding Israel. What is interesting in the analysis is how we see another Kerry "flip flop" - Kerry opposed the wall to an Arab group months ago, but now supports it. I wonder now that the "Interantional Court" has rule it illegal, will he agree with the "international community" or support the U.S. and Israel's "unilateral" defiant position. Heh.






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