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Gravity and the laws of physics finally caught up with Britney Spears wardrobe. Britney's Costume Malfunction (NSFW).

The equally not safe for work story that accompanies the picture contains the following information:

Britney spilled out of her costume when a dancer's arm caught her PVC top. Amazingly, it went unnoticed until a photographer developed unprocessed shots of the event last month in Belfast.
It was only a matter of time...


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Comments (8)

Wasn't the first time. She... (Below threshold)

Wasn't the first time. She popped out on video once.

Sometimes I really don't un... (Below threshold)

Sometimes I really don't understand the preoccupation or problem of the American with female breasts. At every spring break or biker meeting the hottest thing to happen seems to be girls shwoing their titties. O.k., love to see that, but Germans are much more relaxed when it comes to being natural and without shy about your body. Just go to any beach or lake side and you will see girls and women of all ages topless or nakes (as will be most of the men too) even here in catholic Bavaria! WE don't get in a frenzy if some girl or woman, celebrity or not, looses her shirt or bra in public and showing the breast deliberately wouldN#t bring any headlines in our newspapers or tabloids.

Only thing that amazed my with Janet Jackson was, that for so much money she did not get a really nice looking breast..... but thats now about taste and hardly objective.

So can you explain to me why American are so puritan about bathing topless or naked in public? Whats so hot or disgusting about the bodies God gave us?

I don't think that we live here in any kind of Soddom and Gomorra just because we have a more natural or less shy attitude to our body.

Yawn.... (Below threshold)


Britney staged a wardrobe m... (Below threshold)

Britney staged a wardrobe malfunction, and nobody noticed?


Feh. just forward the pic t... (Below threshold)

Feh. just forward the pic to Oliver Willis and continue driving.

LOOK AT THAT TITTY... (Below threshold)


Skank Index 8.9, Courtney L... (Below threshold)

Skank Index 8.9, Courtney Love now ranks at the all time highest at 9.9. A perfect 10.0 requires an on-camera vomit/swallow.

Hasn't Madonna done that ye... (Below threshold)

Hasn't Madonna done that yet? If not, call her publicist, she missed one.






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