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Bush's State of the Union Speech Redeemed

These are the infamous "16 words"

'The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.
Mark Steyn reports that after a lengthy investigation:
.. on Wednesday in London, Lord Butler will publish his report into the quality of the intelligence on which rested Britain's case for going to war with Iraq. The report is said to be critical of some of Tony Blair's claims, supportive of others. And, among the latter, he says that the statements about Iraq and Niger are justified and supported by the intelligence. In other words, the British Government did learn that Saddam Hussein did seek significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

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Comments (3)

...and the mainstream media... (Below threshold)

...and the mainstream media will report this right under next weeks horoscope.

.....and, not only did he s... (Below threshold)

.....and, not only did he seek uranium, he managed to get quite a bit of it. Reckon what he planned on doing with it?

That crazy Saddam - he didn... (Below threshold)
Michael Moore:

That crazy Saddam - he didn't mean any harm. Have you ever put chocolate icing on top of some yellowcake? Delicious!!!! I hear Niger's yellowcake is some of the best around. It was usay's birthday - could we just give him a break? Mmmmmmmm....yellow cake.

- Michael Moore






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