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Case Closed

"The Committee did not find any evidence that Administration officials attempted to coerce, influence or pressure analysts to change their judgments related to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities."


Of 'Lies' and WMD

The Senate vindicates President Bush and exposes Joe Wilson as a partisan fraud.

"The Committee did not find any evidence that Administration officials attempted to coerce, influence or pressure analysts to change their judgments related to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities."

So reads Conclusion 83 of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on prewar intelligence on Iraq. The Committee likewise found no evidence of pressure to link Iraq to al Qaeda. So it appears that some of the claims about WMD used by the Bush Administration and others to argue for war in Iraq were mistaken because they were based on erroneous information provided by the CIA.

A few apologies would seem to be in order. Allegations of lying or misleading the nation to war are about the most serious charge that can be leveled against a President. But according to this unanimous study, signed by Jay Rockefeller and seven other Democrats, those frequent charges from prominent Democrats and the media are without merit.

That last paragraph sums it up. Today's Democrat party will do what ever it takes, even hurting national security in a naked quest for power.

FDR is rolling over in his grave.

UPDATE KOF has a killer boilerplate all ready for the lefty bloggers. Don't hold your breath however.


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Comments (10)

Just as soon as the adminis... (Below threshold)

Just as soon as the administration apologizes for Iraq.

Yeah, but there was Jay Roc... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but there was Jay Rockefeller out there the day of the release saying something like, "Well, okay. They didn't directly


On behalf of the Bush admin... (Below threshold)

On behalf of the Bush administration, I would like to apologize for Iraq.

I'm sorry we didn't complete the job in 1991 and remove a murderous dickwad when we had 1/2 a million troops in the region.

I'm sorry we tried to give the United Nations some legitimacy in deciding to not risk our vaunted "coalition" by actually risking removing Saddam from power.

I'm sorry we didn't impose more punitive sanctions such that they would actually acomplish some weakening of the regime.

I'm sorry we continued to rely on the UN to enforce those sanctions and didn't insist on more accountability from an organization as corrupt as the Soprano family.

I'm sorry we didn't take the efforts of Saddam to assassinate a former US president and his constant declarations of hostile intent more seriously and sooner.

On behalf of the Administration, our bad.

So if this was the state of... (Below threshold)

So if this was the state of the US and intl intell and Putin said Iraq was planning an attack, we were supposed to....go back to our friends at the UN?

Also the report has extensive details about the links of al-Q and Iraq.

The 9/11 Commission disgree... (Below threshold)

The 9/11 Commission disgrees with you. The report that will come out will show that there were no conections.

No WMDsNo Al-Qeada/I... (Below threshold)

No Al-Qeada/Iraq connections.

Guess it was all worth it then? 4 more years?

Pilot, I'm a-guess... (Below threshold)


I'm a-guessin you are either new to this intar-net or simply were out of the loop today. The report is already out. You can find it easily in PDF form (go to Google news)

As for your ability to discern what is in a report that has yet to be released, I yield that is an exceptional ability.

If only you were right, it'd be downright impressive.

WindsofChange has an extensive summary of the report and its conclusions--which, incidentally, don't match yours.

I tried to help the other s... (Below threshold)

I tried to help the other side by creating a boilerplate apology for them to use, but no one has taken me up on it yet.

The Republican Party consis... (Below threshold)
Robert Perlberg:

The Republican Party consists of two kinds of people: liars and people gullible enough to believe them. So a bunch of polititians issue a report and you consider that to be the be-all and end-all conclusion to the subject? Exactly what time yesterday were you born?

The Democratic Party of two... (Below threshold)

The Democratic Party of two kinds of people: whack jobs and delusional conspiracy theorists. Which one are you?






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