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No, Really, It's "You're #1"

For some reason the blogosphere is in a tizzy linking to I Got Flipped Of By George Bush. I saw this late Friday night - it was as unimpressive then as it is now.

It rates on the scale exactly where John Kerry flipping off Vietnam vet on Memorial Day does - nowhere.

The only one left to go profane is John Edwards, and the election has a long way to go...

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Another hallucinating liber... (Below threshold)

Another hallucinating liberal. What does this prove exactly???... From that picture I think there was another flipper on the grassy knoll.

Wow! With solid "proof" li... (Below threshold)

Wow! With solid "proof" like that picture, it'll be a hard claim to dispute.

I think I'll out up a post about how John Kerry broke into my house and masturbated into my coffee maker. I'll be sure to put a picture of my house on-line so you can see his figerprints on my door knob.

I wouldn't call flipping th... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't call flipping the bird "going profane" exactly. Calling Adam Clymer "major-league" was far more offensive (the A-word was mere description, and accurate at that).

As for John Edwards, let's not forget how he got rich. If that's not obscene, what is?

I can't make out a damned t... (Below threshold)

I can't make out a damned thing in that picture. Can anyone else?

"We pissed George W. Bush o... (Below threshold)

"We pissed George W. Bush off. We are true patriots."

WTF? This is quite possibly the single dumbest written statement I have ever read. This douche (lazy and shiftless clearly - he and his buddies take off work to "join in the fun" of insulting and berating the president with mind-numbingly witless signs) unintentionally trapped himself in an oxymoron. Unless he is affiliated with some other organization that is anti-USA. Or maybe the civil war is still going on, and those Confederate bastards from the GOP are trying to raid bumpkinsville, PA, only the "war" has denegraded to the point where all that occurs is slap-fighting and name-calling.

Great picture, Brendan. You are quite the photogue. Did you take that pic with a home-made camera? Or did you draw it with your very own set of crayons? In either event, Kudos on the realism and the accuracy.

I like the cast of characters that form this mob of unintelligence. A few naked guys, a "crazy man" asking people about religion, a couple of teenagers, and some guy with a ponytail that has an uncanny ability to point out the obvious, and finally these lazy sacks that have nothing better to do (or actually do have something better to do, but choose not to do it) than to sit on the side of a highway at two seperate locales to hold up signs protesting Big Brother. Now, I hate that TV show to, but come on guys, get a life. (i know that is not what they are protesting, however, the sign, if it were to actually mean the TV show, would have about the same amount of relevance)

Oh, and mASS backwards, tha... (Below threshold)

Oh, and mASS backwards, that was one of the funniest posts I have seen on this web site.






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