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Blogrolling Cache Update

If you're not a Blogrolling.com user this information is of no interest...

One of the benefits of the Blogrolling caching solution used at Wizbang (and available for your own use) is that I have a log of all of the times Blogrolling servers have been unreachable - for whatever reason. I was curious about the outages so I had a look at the logs. Here they are (edited for extraneous information) for the last month and a half:

[28-May-2004 06:33:09] Blogrolling Down
[28-May-2004 06:46:34] Blogrolling Up

[30-May-2004 03:20:10] Blogrolling Down
[30-May-2004 03:28:09] Blogrolling Up

[04-Jun-2004 07:48:09] Blogrolling Down
[04-Jun-2004 08:08:09] Blogrolling Up

[23-Jun-2004 06:28:09] Blogrolling Down
[23-Jun-2004 06:38:09] Blogrolling Up

[09-Jul-2004 06:33:09] Blogrolling Down
[09-Jul-2004 11:30:04] Blogrolling Up

That July 9th outage was a humdinger so I did calculations with and without that outage. All told it's about 6 hours of downtime (or unreachability) out of 1080 hours (24 hours x 45 days), or an uptime of 99.3%. If you remove the July 9th outage the reliability increases to 99.9%.

Either way you owe it to yourself to be protected from slow loading pages by implementing the Blogrolling.com caching system.


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That's so cool that you did... (Below threshold)

That's so cool that you did calculations. As a data analyst at heart, I think I love you. :) Seriously though, that's incredible reliability. It just doesn't feel like that when it's down. Thanks for the info on the caching system, again.






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