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"Did I Mention I Was A War Hero?"

Democratic Convention to Focus on Kerry's Military Service

Here's the some of the stuff that won't be covered - Kerry's Vietnam whitewash and Setting Straight Kerry's War Record.

Looks like the Democratic National Convention will be stuck in a sixties time warp...


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This quote from Farah's art... (Below threshold)

This quote from Farah's article...

"Whether he gets away with it will say a great deal about how gullible America has become how easy it is to pull the wool over our nation's eyes."

... that's spot on. All of the evidence is readily available to disprove what Kerry is currently claiming (about never saying certain things).

Wouldn't it be great if Woodruff could simply play an Real Audio file of Kerry saying the very thing he denies he ever said?

Now, THAT would be great.

"Let's do the TIME warp aga... (Below threshold)

"Let's do the TIME warp again!"

Sorry, I am stuck in the 80's - just today though.

Not being an issue seems to... (Below threshold)
Price Smith:

Not being an issue seems to be 'par for the course' as far as reporting facts on any of the liberal darlings goes.

This would be a career ending item for anyone else.

Our only hope for the truth is the internet! We must keep it free.

and John Edwards is the son... (Below threshold)

and John Edwards is the son of a mill worker.

Nag nag... (Below threshold)

Nag nag






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