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End The Drought!

Nathan's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore! What better post for an Instalanche than a rant about not getting one - ever.

Good natured ribbing aside, Brain Fertilzer is should be on your list of blog reads. I'm among those who were tardy in reciprocal linkage, a situation that's now fixed. The reciprocal blogrolls here get a bit out of date, and sometimes it takes a reminder to get me to update...

Yours can be via e-mail though (again with the kidding)...


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» freedomblog.us linked with Comments Sections, Brain Fertilizers & Hattips

Comments (3)

Actually, I thought you ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I thought you did have me linked! Unless you missed my move to mu.nu?

That's probably what happen... (Below threshold)

That's probably what happened, as I'm pretty sure I had you linked. Anyway that's all fixed now...

Since you mentioned it, I c... (Below threshold)

Since you mentioned it, I can think of at least one example of a reciprocal link that hasn't been forthcoming.... ;-)






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