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Kerry to Take Federal Money- Unless He Doesn't

Senator Waffles strikes again.

The WaPo today tells us that despite adamant proclamations, we really have no clue if Kerry will take Federal money. Is anyone surprised?

Kerry Aims to Accept Federal Funding

Reversal Possible if Bush Rejects Money

After detailed exploration of opting out of the public financing system, key strategists in the presidential campaign of Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) are planning to accept $75 million in federal money for the general election.

"We are taking the federal money," Kerry finance chair Louis Susman said yesterday. Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan was more adamant: "We are not opting out. We are taking public funds. No, N-O, no, we are not opting out."

Kerry officials voiced one caveat: They would reopen the debate over rejecting federal money if they learned that President Bush planned to use privately raised money to finance his general election campaign.

So there you have it... John Kerry is absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, going to accept Federal money- unless of course he doesn't.


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Back during the primaries, ... (Below threshold)

Back during the primaries, Teresa Heinz said that she would not use her own money unless Johnny was "personally attacked." What's the chance of that happening?

Watch the Kerry people find some "evidence" of private funding just justify their own violation of the law.






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