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Aljazeera Reports Filipino Released

Aljazeera is report the following:

A Filipino hostage in Iraq is safe and unharmed, a Philippine foreign ministry official in Manila has said.

"He is safe and there is no more risk of him being executed," the official said on Wednesday, quoting a Philippine official in Baghdad who was close to the negotiations for the release of truck driver Angelo de la Cruz.

The official declined to elaborate any further.

Truck driver Angelo de la Cruz was released on condition Philippine troops leave the country by 20 July, a month earlier than planned.

The Philippine air force said it had put two transport planes on standby in Manila to begin an evacuation of troops.

No one else is reporting this now, so take it for what it's worth (given the source).

Michelle Malkin is saddened and ashamed that the proud fighting spirit of her ancestors land has been forever stained with this appeasement.


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Don't believe a word of it.... (Below threshold)

Don't believe a word of it. The local media here and some others like the BBC and al Reuters are reporting the the Phil Military haven't even recieved any orders as yet.

In fact the two C-130's that are supposed to be "on standby" are flying around the country on other missions.

Also keep in mind this is the second time dela Cruz has been announced as "safe" The first time the family was told. You should have witnessed that scene as the President had to eat crow with a side of humble pie.







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