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Bulgarian Hostage May Still Be Alive

CNN is reporting that one of the two Bulgarian hostages who was reportedly killed yesterday, may still be alive.

(CNN) -- Two Bulgarian hostages may still be alive, according to an Iraqi police chief, despite reports that one of them had been executed by Iraqi militants.

Bulgarian government spokesman Dimitri Tsonev said Wednesday the only evidence that the men had been killed was a report by an Arabic-language news network.

But General Mohammed Khairi Barhawi, the police chief of the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, later said sources confirmed the two hostages are still alive and are "somewhere in Mosul province."

Al-Jazeera reported Tuesday that it had received two videotapes, one showing the execution of the Bulgarian hostage and the other containing a message from an Egyptian hostage also being held in Iraq.

The broadcaster said the Unification and Jihad group claimed responsibility for the killing.

The group, which claims loyalty to insurgent leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, also took responsibility for beheading U.S. businessman Nicholas Berg and South Korean translator Kim Sun-il.

More coverage on the Bulgarian hostage situation: Jeff Quinton, James Joyner, Charles Johnson.


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