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Operation Give Problems?

Spoons asks a good question - Is Everyone Jumping The Gun?

Operation Give is having a problem with one of their shipping companies, which lead Chief Wiggles to issue a plea for help. Some time after the word went out the plea was deleted from Chief Wiggles blog.

Due to the way posts are deleted in Movable Type you can still read the entry, even though the author removed it. MT does not delete the static published page when you delete an entry, so the original individual archive entry (the post) is still visible for those with direct links to it. The telltale signs are that the item doesn't appear in the main index and that comments and trackbacks don't work (because the entry ID is no longer in the database).

Blogger Blind Pig, in a comment at Winds Of Change, updates the situation based on contact with the shipping company.

I'm not sure what the answer to Spoons question is, but one thing I'm fairly certain of is that there are enough people working on the issue now. As a big supporter of Operation Give it would be tragic if anything were to happen to the donated goods. For now it appears that won't be the case.

Update: Jay Solo has additional information.

Update2: The situation has been resolved.


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See my blog for some update... (Below threshold)

See my blog for some updates. The answer to Spoons question is no, and there was a good reason for the post to be taken off the main page. To quote Plunge in e-mail to me:

We took it off the main page because the Chief is going to be on NBC tonight, probably get some publicity and a lot of hits. We don't want to confuse people and immediately confront them with a problem the charity is having.

The post is still there in the archives for those that have linked to it though.

If this causes a problem, we will put it back on the main page.


The situation is near resolution at this point. The pressure in general and hands on work by some who read of the problem helped.






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