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Ditka's Out, Jordan In?

Just because Mike Ditka turned down the vacant Republican candidate slot for the U.S. Senate, doesn't mean the party should give up on celebrities.

Draft Michael Jordan!!! Draft Oprah Winfrey!!! Draft Harry Carrey!!! They'd all be damn sight better candidate than Ted Nugent, even dead as a doornail Harry (remember John Ashcroft lost his Senate race to a dead guy).

Unfortunately Jordan, who appears to be a Republican, has already contributed $10K to Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and you can be sure Oprah was hit up for dough early on. Harry Carrey has been dead too long to run, which leaves...

Bill Murray?

Have your say... Who should get the nod?

Comments (6)

Jordan is a democrat. In 2... (Below threshold)

Jordan is a democrat. In 2000, he endorsed Bill Bradley and even cut a campaign commercial fro him.

In Illinois, Harry Carey is... (Below threshold)

In Illinois, Harry Carey is still eligible to vote, so why not run him for the Senate?

Oops, wait. Dead people in Illinois are only allowed to vote Democrat. Never mind.

According to the Volokh Con... (Below threshold)

According to the Volokh Conspiracy, it could be another wild man. Oh, how fun this race might become!

I'd opt for the Cinderella ... (Below threshold)

I'd opt for the Cinderella story, out of no where coming in and winning Augusta... err, Illinois. It's in the hole! It's in the hole!!!

I'll move. I'm young (but w... (Below threshold)

I'll move. I'm young (but will be 30 by Election Day) and am a huge Packers fan. If the Illinois GOP can handle the fundraising I'll lend the pretty face, a loud mouth, and a lively weblog.

After I'm laughed out of the meeting, I'll yell to them, "Stupid FIBs."

Yeah, Jordan is a Democrat.... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Jordan is a Democrat.






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