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Drudging for News

Two quick thoughts on the New York Times running a rumor on the front page above the fold.

1) They must have finally run out of strories they can spin to make Bush look bad. I guess after running the fact that 7 soldiers put panties on some Iraqi prisoner's heads for 32 days striaght, they did not think they could run it again. It shows the depths the NYT will go to in order to try to destroy Bush.

2) I don't ever, ever, ever, ever, want to hear any of the big media -especially the New York Times- bash Matt Drudge ever again. After reading the story I was looking for the word "Developing..." The NYT is only slightly more journalistically credible than the National Enquirer.

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I bought a copy of the NYT ... (Below threshold)

I bought a copy of the NYT for my mom's bird to crap on. He refused and intentionaly aimed for the carpet.

That says something. I don't know what, but it says something.






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