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Feel The Love

The nominations for Overblog have opened a serious can of whoop ass petty jealousy. You can wade through the comments if you'd like, but if you want the Cliff Notes version here's what they're saying about the "A" list. Just a reminder - these are NOT my opinions...

  • BoingBoing - I find it so NOT interesting.
  • Stephen Den Beste - The bloke is a complete blowhard that does not understand that brevity is the soul of wit.
  • Kevin Drum - He reminds me of the kid who used to finish the jigsaw puzzle by squishing two pieces together and whacking them with their Playskool Workbench mallet until they fit together.
  • Rachel Lucas - One trick pony.
  • Hugh Hewitt - He seems to get an awful lot of gushing praise flung his way - and from neither his blog nor his radio show do I see why.
  • Kos - A wanker of unparalleled proportion.
  • Josh Marshall - You'd think readers would get tired of being told they were idiots. Plus, people in black turtlenecks and Lisa Loeb glasses piss me off.
  • Michele (a small victory) - I've seen nothing there that compels me to go back.
  • Oxblog - Nearly unreadable unless you speak Wonk as your native language. That's Wonk as in "Policy..." not as in ...ette".
  • Oliver Willis - His knee jerks so much he's getting a repetitive stress injury.
  • Pandagon - Dimbulb fratboys.
  • Protein Wisdom - 90 percent of the time it's like reading Hokusai translated into English by Stevie Wonder on a manual typewriter.
  • Glenn Reynolds - Because even a 12 year old can link to every page on the planet.
  • Andrew Sullivan - Increasingly narcissistic, silly, and whiny.
  • Venomous Kate - She pretty much invented the concept of empty self-promotion.
  • Wonkette - Just-plain-creepy.
Remember they're not booing, they're saying "Looooouuuuu"...


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Comments (32)

I used to read a few of tho... (Below threshold)

I used to read a few of those (Sullivan's, Instapundit and BoingBoing) before moving on to enjoyable fare. And I tried Oliver Willis's, but just couldn't get interested.

"Dimbulb fratboys" - classic.

By the way...

"Remember they're not booing, they're saying 'Looooouuuuu'..."

Do you realize how long it took me to figure that out?!

Well, I'll tell ya, that co... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll tell ya, that comment about Protein Wisdom makes me want to try blogging that way sometime and seeing how it works out.

I suspect that Jeff (Protei... (Below threshold)

I suspect that Jeff (Protein Wisdom) will look at that comment and just laugh. Hell, that explanation is why I read him in the first place. Too funny!

I feel like bitchslapping f... (Below threshold)

I feel like bitchslapping five friends/allies.

Well, I have to let you kno... (Below threshold)

Well, I have to let you know here and now that your comments associated with each and every title there are exactly parallel -- as in, mirror images of -- mine.

That list (purported to be most popular) explains "Jaws Nineteen," however. Or, "The Matrix, Reloaded" for that matter.

Thank the maker my blog doe... (Below threshold)

Thank the maker my blog doesn't get enough hits to qualify for such a ripping...I don't think I could handle it.

As for my own opinions on which blogs are overrated...they are my own and shall stay that way.

What the fuck is this, Gold... (Below threshold)

What the fuck is this, Goldilocks?

"This blog is too hot, this blog is too cold. This blog is... juuuust right."

Either way, the bear eats you whole.

Why do I get a strange susp... (Below threshold)

Why do I get a strange suspicion that JeffG of PW will absolutely love that description of his blog? Probably put it in his Random Testimonials gadget.

*I* was saying "booo-urns"<... (Below threshold)

*I* was saying "booo-urns"

Ummm ... Jeff G did NOT lov... (Below threshold)

Ummm ... Jeff G did NOT love that comment, just go look at his comment on my link to the blog.

Also, wasn't WIZBANG on that list somewheres? HMMMMMM KEVIN?

I added that darling commen... (Below threshold)

I added that darling comment to my testimonials last night.

Oh. And I was having a little fun with Bill INDC, who doesn't mind stirring shit up, it seems -- so long as he can drive visitors to his site. The shameless whore. Bet he's running some sort of contest to boost traffic even as we speak.

(Incidentally, Jesus loves when you crap all over peoples' work. Really. I read that somewhere.)

Vindication is mine! ... (Below threshold)

Vindication is mine!

Geez Bill, it's like you never spent an afternoon inside of a moonbat blind with the guy.

Well I wasn't on the list a... (Below threshold)

Well I wasn't on the list at the time I wrote this post... Maybe I'll venture back into the cesspool to pull out a few more gems.

Oh, and you're DO find Boin... (Below threshold)

Oh, and you're DO find Boing, Boing interesting??

BTW, how can it be jealousy if I don't have a blog (there are a lot of us out there)

Uh, that should have been "... (Below threshold)

Uh, that should have been "you all" or "y'all" not "you're" (this is why I don't have a blog... can't type)

Bad typing never stopped me... (Below threshold)

Bad typing never stopped me...

What was Rachel's "one tric... (Below threshold)

What was Rachel's "one trick"? Discovering Bill Whittle (EjectEjectEject)?

My vote goes to the Ecosyst... (Below threshold)

My vote goes to the Ecosystem.

I can't even get people to ... (Below threshold)

I can't even get people to boycott my site.

I guess I'm just going to have to start coming up with interesting things to say instead of crying about how bad my traffic is.

I was thinking about writing real-time empirical observations or interviews with political grooming items, but I don't see how that could be all that funny....

We spent an afternoon in th... (Below threshold)

We spent an afternoon in the duck blind, but when the burritos and beer ran out, so did the friendship.

And the secret scoop is that Goldstein called me in tears after reading the criticism ... you try calming down a sobbing, caterwauling, deranged lunatic for three hours on a long distance call sometime. NO PICNIC.

I was the guy who dogged Jo... (Below threshold)

I was the guy who dogged Josh Marshall.

Wait.. yup, people in black turtlenecks and Lisa Loeb glasses still piss me off.

Stevie Wonder is no doubt a... (Below threshold)
Zeb Trout:

Stevie Wonder is no doubt a slammin' groove monster on a typewriter...in fact, a clavinet (think "Superstition") is very much like a musical manual typewriter. I'm thinking Jeff should take it as a compliment.

Bill INDC actually whips hi... (Below threshold)

Bill INDC actually whips his skippy to that fantasy, is the sad part.

And speaking of picnics, I still don't believe you were "reaching for the summer sausage" that one time, Bill.

Bill,At least Jeff... (Below threshold)


At least Jeff didn't call you collect.

Oh please. Like anyone doe... (Below threshold)

Oh please. Like anyone doesn't know he only does that out of a desperate attempt to immitate his lifelong hero Carrot Top.

Carrot Top is a genius. I ... (Below threshold)

Carrot Top is a genius. I don't care what anybody says.

Why the hell should I care ... (Below threshold)

Why the hell should I care what other people think about blogs I enjoy?

What's creepy about that sk... (Below threshold)

What's creepy about that skippy whipping comment is that I have a pet ferret named "skippy" ... and I whip him.

Don't make me put the word ... (Below threshold)

Don't make me put the word Carrot Top in the comment blacklist! God damn Googlers are going to start hitting me looking for that assclown...

What, it's not like I said ... (Below threshold)

What, it's not like I said anything about Carrot Top naked, or pictures of downloading free Carrot Top having sex with animals pictures. Sheesh. People can be so irrational some times.

After reading the comments ... (Below threshold)

After reading the comments over at Overblog, I'm seriously thinking of just going back to making comments on other people's blogs. So if you're a blogger who gets a LOT of hits, a bunch of wankers come out of the woodwork to personally attack not just your writing but you personally? Yeah...that sounds fun. Sign me up for that.

Carrot Top and the Olsen Twins in XXX For Free

sounds like a really good action movie doesn't it?

I'm glad those posts weren'... (Below threshold)

I'm glad those posts weren't your opinion, wizbang, because I feel a rant coming.

I have a message for the soulless imbeciles who typed these as critiques: "I've seen nothing there that compels me to go back", "I find it so NOT interesting":

Those aren't critiques. They tell us nothing about WHY you don't like those sites. Even "Den Beste is a blowhard" is a critique; in that guy's opinion, Den Beste overwrites. I happen to disagree - I think SDB is a treasure - but at least there's a point to the criticism. Not so in your case. You're a bunch of whining illiterates and we're all worse off from hearing from you. Go back to porno and leave the blogosphere alone, you pathetic wankers.






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