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How Campaign News Is Made

An interesting look inside the Bush War Room from The New York Times (Registration Required - or use BugMeNot):

The central tenet of Mr. Bush's communications operation is on a sign on the office door of Nicolle Devenish, Mr. Bush's campaign communications director, which says: "It's the Hypocrisy, Stupid," a play on the famous sign in Mr. Clinton's 1992 war room, "It's the Economy, Stupid."

"When you run against an opponent who is both a committed liberal and a committed flip-flopper, you have to have all that research about him all of the time," Ms. Devenish said. "Because he's going to go on the trail and say something ludicrous, like he did last week when he said 'I share your conservative values,' and you need to rapidly provide reporters with evidence to the contrary."

[Read the whole article]

The rest of the article deals with how information is parsed, compared to previous statements, and disseminated.

The Kerry campaign refused to allow The Times access to their War Room - presumably because Whoopi Goldberg was holed up in there...

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I think the Kerry camp didn... (Below threshold)

I think the Kerry camp didn't allow the Times access because they'd have to admit they farmed their war room out to Moveon.org, DU, and others of their ilk.






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