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From The Department Of Redundancy

Plane Lands In Baltimore With Several Unconscious Passengers

I'm usually the one who has to remind the other authors about checking the archives... Paul has the story in the previous post, as well as all the links, and the not so dramatic conclusion.


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ahem... (Below threshold)


To wax seriously here, if a... (Below threshold)

To wax seriously here, if a plane has compromised cabin pressure, it will and does certainly render humans (actually, any mammals, and some reptiles) unconscious. It can also render them dead, if severe and persistent.

You never know what the actual story might be (unless someone lets us public peeps know) because it could have been a loss in cabin pressure combined with the meal time, in which case, people would also throw up while or during their lapse of consciousness. It's great that no one died, however.

Hey that's no joke, special... (Below threshold)

Hey that's no joke, specially if you are afraid of flying. Oxygen deprevation is not a good thing.

You dropped the ball on the... (Below threshold)

You dropped the ball on the headline, Kevin!

The joke you're thinking of is, "Department of Redundancy Department."

Doh!... (Below threshold)







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