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"It" Girl PR - Crisis Management Services

Jenna Lewis Porn Tape

You are a B-list celebrity... A wedding night porn video of you has just hit the Internet, and now you are expected to go into damage control mode. Some wonder whether you secretly engineered the release. How should your PR firm respond?

  1. Issue a press release weeks after the video debuts.
    Sex Tape Scandal Casts Shadow Over Newlywed Bliss for Reality Star, Jenna Lewis

  2. Make sure everyone knows that you are not happy about the video appearing on the Internet.
    The sharp-witted, vibrant reality television star Jenna Lewis is fighting mad over the recent airing of her personal videos over the Internet.

  3. Plug the site carrying the video that you are "fighting mad" over.
    only to be embarrassed by the emergence of the footage on the Internet, which first appeared on realitytail.com.

  4. Hint that your exclusive story is about to be awarded to the highest bidder - hint, hint, hint.
    Jenna Lewis has been turning down hordes of interview requests but is rumored to be close to choosing the media outlet to grant an exclusive interview.

    The interview will include addressing of the recent "sex tape scandal" of Jenna and her husband and other private matters, and will explain their next course of action.

Crisis averted...

Update: Defamer claims the Lewis "Lewis is steadfastly C-list. She couldn't get on the B-list if she was filmed giving Vin Diesel a reacharound."

Well we don't know about that, but upon careful examination of the evidence her "twins" are much closer to B than C - if you know what we mean...


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Comments (9)

I'd ask why some of these c... (Below threshold)

I'd ask why some of these celebrities don't just do a porn film and get it over with, but the answer is obvious. By having the film emerge as a "scandal," more attention is drawn to it. Thus the celebrity's name gets in the headlines and she (or he, I guess) may even be able to negotiate a cut of the porn flick's proceeds.

by the way, it's a very goo... (Below threshold)

by the way, it's a very good flick. I never thought anything of her on Survivor, but boy has my opinion changed.

I watch Survivor religiousl... (Below threshold)

I watch Survivor religiously. Jenna used to make my skin crawl. I seriously couldn't imagine being around her without rolling my eyes.

But, NOW... this is a whole new game she's playing.

I thought she may have an ounce of shrewdness underneath that annoying personality. But, I admit, I didn't think she had this in her (pun definitely not intended).

If you've seen the video.. ... (Below threshold)

If you've seen the video.. then you can pretty much tell its staged. My thoughts, she says the absolute dumbest stuff in the bedroom.

Pylorns --> You mean like, ... (Below threshold)

Pylorns --> You mean like, "Oh...my...f***ing...God...this...is...so...f***ing...good!"? :-) haha

You mean women don't really... (Below threshold)

You mean women don't really say those things to you during sex?

Sounds like Wonkette is her... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Wonkette is her publicist/advisor.

I think jenna is smokin hot... (Below threshold)

I think jenna is smokin hot and should get some "capital" for that tape and just release it as a porn. I mean look at all the fricken money that Paris and Rick made with theirs. As well as Tommy Lee and am, Vince Neil and his girl and Tonya Harding and Jeff Galooley. It's already out there, people are watching it, leave it as is and make some money Jenna. I know if it was in stores on DVD I would buy it.

Ok, I gotta tell you: first... (Below threshold)

Ok, I gotta tell you: first off, she was an annoying little wench on Survivor, but after perusing this piece of absolute coital cinema, my opinion has softened a little. Other parts of me were not so soft, so to speak..... can babygirl work a stick or what?? I have reconsidered my previous statement about not wanting to be lost on a desert island with her. We could work it out, at this point...hahaha






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