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Do this, donít do that, canít you read the sign?

Almost two weeks ago, the following sign was put up along Interstate 93 South in Andover, MA, less than five miles from the New Hampshire state line and almost 25 miles from the Fleet Center in Boston, where the Democratic National Convention will be held in about a week and a half:

(For those nitpicking few: roughly 2 miles north of the 93-495 cloverleaf)

Thatís right. The convention situation is gonna be SO bad in Boston during the convention theyíre putting up warning signs THAT far away and THAT long in advance.

Once again, I am so, SO glad I live in Cow HampshireÖ


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The gridlock is gonna suck.... (Below threshold)

The gridlock is gonna suck...but everyone can take loace with a cute little DNC Convention Mascot commemorating the Fleet Center!

I'm a fellow NH'er myself..... (Below threshold)

I'm a fellow NH'er myself...but I WORK IN BEANTOWN!

Have pity.

The headache started a week before last when my bus line put the dog on us.

Last week, we ground to a halt just outside 128 while a caravan of limo'd delegates funneled into the Fleet Center.

My firm hosted a large presentation over this fiasco where they detailed every road closure and surrounding impact...including the 5 - 10 thousand protestors who will take over the local streets as they migrate from the Boston Commons to the bullfinch triangle (North Station) around 2:00 PM each day.

This is going to be an absolute nightmare!






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