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Fighting Invisibility

Harvey of Bad Example has a bunch of good advice for bloggers looking to increase their linkage and traffic.

To that end a quick examination of the top 100 blogs in the Ecosystem reveals that two of those 100 allow you to link your own posts right into their content via trackback. A link to your post is featured inline with their post (usually right before the Posted By line). Etiquette for the sending trackbacks generally dictates that you include a link to the post you are sending a trackback to in your own post. At some blogs this is a hard and fast rule, at others it's more of a suggestion.

Which two blogs you may ask? Wizbang and Outside The Beltway.

Are you feeling left out because your blogging software doesn't automatically send trackbacks? Not to worry. Try the Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger.

Update: I am aware of an issue sending a ping to a WordPress blog (such as Outside The Beltway) with the Standalone Trackback Pinger. I'm working to resolve that issue.

Update 2: The pinger has been updated, and now works with WordPress blogs.


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Comments (8)

If you're willing to go slu... (Below threshold)

If you're willing to go slumming outside of the top 100, The Spoons Experience also features the inline trackbacks.

Back when I was in the top ... (Below threshold)

Back when I was in the top 100 (one day I dropped fom like 66 around --the Ecosystem works in mysterious ways), I had the same feature. Indeed, now that I am in the top 115ish, I still do!

Have at it!

Yeah, I noticed that bug. ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I noticed that bug. FYI, this standalone form works on WordPress blogs. The source code is freely availible, so you might want to give that a look, Kevin.

reedmaniac.com trackback form

<snivel> I used</i... (Below threshold)

<snivel> I used to have inline trackbacks, but EE doesn't support them yet.

That was one of the things ... (Below threshold)

That was one of the things that made me hesitate to swtich to either EE or WP--I love my inline trackbacks.

I am now set on the move to WP--I just haven't done it yet.

YAY! A Wiz-o-lanche! :-)</p... (Below threshold)

YAY! A Wiz-o-lanche! :-)

And I updated the post to mention the joys of inline trackbacks.

Haloscan also offers a trac... (Below threshold)

Haloscan also offers a trackback pinger, but I believe you have to be a member (it's free, you just have to sign up).

WordPress does post the tra... (Below threshold)

WordPress does post the trackbacks in with the comments so when you look at the individual post, the trackback shows up, no separate window. Typepad also has this feature which I do like.

And there will be if there isn't already a plug in. Can't keep up with all the WP plugins.






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