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Get Your Moonbat Dictionary

Few things sound unfunnier than "a dictionary of the future," conceived as a way to bring almost two hundred authors and artists together to promote progressive causes in the November 2004 election.

If the following passage from McSweeney's The Future Dictionary of America tickles your fancy, you can get hundreds of other similar ones for the low, low price of $28.

blowkay [bloh'-kay] adj. of an attitude, typically exhibited by the electorate, that elected officials who have sexual relations outside of marriage while in office are less deserving of impeachment than officials whose decisions lead to the loss of human life. Folks say the new senator from Rhode Island is a skirt chaser, but as long as he doesn't send thousands of Americans off to die in a war on false pretenses he's blowkay with me.

Wizbang mini-review: Moonbat sniglets.

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You see! I would have gotte... (Below threshold)

You see! I would have gotten it all wrong. I thought it was a cosmetics reference to smeared lipstick. Although, I guess that would be two words, both caps.

Go figure...or don't.






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