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Girlie Men

It's time for another edition of "Read Between The Lines."

Today's quote is from AP reports on California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's use of the term "girlie men" to describe state legislators.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a Democrat, said that while he wasn't upset by the remark, his 13-year-old daughter was.

"She's a young girl who knows the governor and really likes him a lot and didn't find the term to be a positive term, and finds it to be derogatory," Nunez said. "It was no question a very, very insensitive comment to make. I personally am not intimidated or threatened by it, but I think it really is beneath Gov. Schwarzenegger."

Translation: I'm a girlie man, and too afraid to grow a set of cajones, so I'll use my teenage daughter to make my point...

Via a heads up from: Athena


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Comments (6)

I wonder if Mr. Nunez also ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Mr. Nunez also consults his daughter on nuclear strategy?

At least he didn't say, "Pe... (Below threshold)

At least he didn't say, "Perhaps the Democrats are too distracted with the thought of fondling my huge muscles to agree on the budget."

The funny thing is, my friend and I were talking just last night about how Arnold is really milking the entertainment coined phrases that he was responsible for (ex. "I can promise you that when I go to Sacramento, I will pump up Sacramento.").

But, he's actually said some really funny one-liners during his political climb...


I don't know who writes that stuff for him, but it's no wonder most folks liked him enough to vote for him.

Your translation is righ... (Below threshold)

Your translation is right on the money!

Always for the "sake of the... (Below threshold)

Always for the "sake of the children".

what a friggen pansy.... (Below threshold)

what a friggen pansy.

Fabian Nunez is the guy who... (Below threshold)

Fabian Nunez is the guy who prevented war hero Jeremiah Denton from commemorating July 4th in the California Assembly.

You can read more about Fabian Nunez here.

Now, ask yourself why you're reading this here instead of from the AP.






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