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Cash and Kerry?

The Boston Herald is doing some examinations on John F'n Kerry's life that border on the proctological. It turns out that during the years he was B.M.H. (Between Millionaire Heiresses), he was living the life of Reilly -- without having to pay Reilly's bills. He "leased" cars from a car dealer but "forgot" to make payments for 16 months, "crashed" at a lobbyist's luxury D.C. apartment, and made 21,000 profit on a deal arranged by his campaign treasurer -- a deal that involved no cash down and an unsecured loan.

Kerry also flew around on the jet of and held fundraisers at the home of a Miami savings and loan executive, also for free.

Three cheers for the candidate who's really "for the little guy," and watch for further stories -- not only are there hints that this is a multi-part story, they also have tales from Gigolo John's love life and his first multimillionaire heiress wife.



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But he understands the need... (Below threshold)

But he understands the needs of the person living paycheck to paycheck. Obviously, once he lived rich wife to rich wife. And didn't you know? He fought in Vietnam.

I like the post title, espe... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I like the post title, especially since its one of my









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