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Captian Ed notes that John Kerry had this to say about restoring the integrity of our intelligence services.

As president, I will restore the credibility of our intelligence community by ensuring the basic integrity of the intelligence process. ...

Those who seek to lead have a duty to offer a clear vision of how we can make Americans safer and America more trusted and respected in the world.

John Kerry's chief foreign policy adviser, former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger is the focus of a criminal investigation after removing highly classified terrorism documents and handwritten notes from a secure reading room during preparations for the Sept. 11 commission hearings.

I'm reminded of one of Steve Martin's stand-up routines from the 70's where he imagines himself hauled into court for bank robbery. He seeks dismissal of the charges on the grounds of forgetfulness. "Your Honor," he pleads, "I forgot that bank robbery was a crime."

Hat Tip: California Yankee


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I'll have a SandyBurger wit... (Below threshold)

I'll have a SandyBurger with a side order of BS!


I'm pitching the name Hot P... (Below threshold)

I'm pitching the name Hot Pants Scandal

BTW, I'm keeping a running summary of what the bloggers are reporting






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