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SharpReader Update

SharpReader is the best free RSS/Atom Aggregator for Windows available. Version is available now. It has some new features and better memory management. Go get the latest version - you won't be sorry.

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WOOT!... (Below threshold)


Damnit! Just last ... (Below threshold)


Just last week I downloaded v9.4.1 and it's already outdated?

...it's all Bush's fault.

Pfff. <a href="http://www.b... (Below threshold)
Ron Atkinson:

Pfff. Feed Demon is far better, and doesn't require any '.net framework' either. Whatever that is.

Feed demon is at: http://www.bradsoft.com/feeddemon/index.asp

It's the only bit of shareware I've found useful enough to pay for in about the last two years.

Personally, I like <a href=... (Below threshold)

Personally, I like Bloglines. They've got the features I need and I like the fact that I can access it from any computer on the web. That, coupled with access to my blog and Gmail account, allows me complete freedom when I'm on the road. Any computer with internet access can quickly become my blogging station.

I have occasionally use Fee... (Below threshold)

I have occasionally use FeedReader and have tried BlogMatrix. But here is a question: I have tried to find out why my C-panel stats vary so widely from my on web page stats like Sitemeter. Is there some way that RSS/XML feeds could be tracked with sitemeter? I assume that AWStats is counting them because it is the only way I can figure than Sitemeter is reading about 60%-70% of the traffic.

SharpReader had some sort o... (Below threshold)

SharpReader had some sort of memory leak for me so I had to find another option. I found feedreader at www.feedreader.com and have been using it for a week or so. Seems simple and does its job, that's all I need.

Sometimes I wonder why apps try to do everything (like winamp going from a simple quick music app to some beastly app including a browser and everything else under the sun).

I don't have much faith in ... (Below threshold)

I don't have much faith in the accuracy of Sitemeter, StarBanker, although I'll freely admit that some of the shortcomings may me my inadequate inclusion of their code on my pages.

Sitemeter reports 14 page views for my site yesterday, but my ISP's statistics package reports 57 views for my main blog page alone, not even counting individual posts, archives, etc.

I don't know why I still have their code in my pages. It's truly useless to me.

Jackson has <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Jackson has denied adopting quads.

I just loaded Sage (Firefox... (Below threshold)

I just loaded Sage (Firefox Extension) and it is working pretty well for me. Integration with the browser I use is pretty handy.






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