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Terrorists Or Traveling Band?

Powerline has some possible indentities of the Syrian band that are the the subjects of Anne Jacobsen's Terror In The Skies article and the followup piece. Much time and virtual ink has been spilled on this story, and at this point it appears that there is no new information forthcoming. Perhaps it is fitting to leave the story with two differing interpretations of the story presented.

Donald remains skeptical

...as I said in my first post, her story is not objective, it is not unbiased. It is a fear-soaked article seeking to justify the writer's fear. Let me repeat: It is factual she was fearful, but her fear doesn't provide facts.
Michelle Malkin continues to believe Jacobsen's story.
I will not be lulled by the fashionable apathy of the blind. And I will not be cowed by the politically correct protestations of the dumb.

To those who shrug that "nothing happened" and that this is "not news," I say: Wake the *%&^#@ up and stop acting like 9/10 sheeple. Better a false alarm than a flaming plane.


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Yes, no news news until we ... (Below threshold)

Yes, no news news until we here from the band. Find the band!!!

I like what Denzen had to s... (Below threshold)

I like what Denzen had to say... (at least I thought it was hilarious) - "I'd like to see what REAL journalists could do with this story." HA HA HA. However, false alarms ARE better than flaming planes. Racial profiling is the only way to truly stop terrorist attacks. Those that would not commit such attrocities should be happy that such precautions are in place to save their lives.

However, racial profiling will just lead to new ways to get to us. Recruitment of whites/blacks/etc to fool the system. It is just like any technology. Once it begins, you can't stop it....it will design around you. Very frightening.






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