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Things The Public Is Not Clamoring For

A semi regular listing of goods and services that we've managed to survive without...

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Re: guitar faceI w... (Below threshold)

Re: guitar face

I watched a documentary on groupies a few years ago in which one women declared that guitar players were so sexy because their face while playing guitar is close to their "O face." I have a hard time watching guitar players without feeling like I'm intruding on some intimate moment. Weird, eh?

Man, I feel old. I'd LOVE t... (Below threshold)

Man, I feel old. I'd LOVE to see Styx!

Re: the ship of old rockers... (Below threshold)

Re: the ship of old rockers

What, no Pablo Cruise? Seems a natural to me.

Martha: I guess anything to... (Below threshold)

Martha: I guess anything to make a buck, but judging by her success rate, wouldn't that be akin to releasing Sonny Bono's guide to downhill skiing?

Linda: I've never understood her appeal, personally, but that was downright tacky. Nevermind that the song in question was "Desperado", and Michael Moore on a horse would certainly have the Humane Society up in arms.

Mandela: If there's enough money down there to build this thing, isn't it time we cut off U. S. Aid there?

Guitar face: just disturbing

Collagen injections: One more thing that makes me wonder why anyone listens to the political opinions of entertainers.

Rock cruise: As much as I like all three bands, I'm afraid after seven days, I'd probably never want to hear "Come Sail Away" again . . . and Journey probably wouldn't play "Mother, Father" anyway.

I wouldn't want to hear "Mr... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't want to hear "Mr. Robotto" the first time...






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