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30 Questions the Media Won't Ask

Since the New York Times and many in the media are apparently incapable of asking any real questions on the Bergler story, I thought I would do my part to help them out and write down a few for their use. Feel free to add more in the comments if you have any.

The first one is SO obvious it is an embarrassment to the media that they have not asked it. They get a bit legalistic especially at the end but they are all worth asking.

#1) Why? This guy has been handling classified documents longer than most of you reading have probably been alive. Why did he suddenly break the law multiple times? You don't risk your whole career and your very freedom for nothing. Why did he do it?

#2) Did John Kerry get a copy of the documents?

#3) Did Bill Clinton?

#4) Did anyone in the Kerry CAMPAIGN (or related folks) get a copy or any of the information passed to them?

#5) Same as #4 but with about Bill, Hillary and company?

#7) Anyone else?

#8) How many documents did you take?

#9) How many notes did you take?

#10) Did you take multiple copies of the same documents?

#11) Did you make copies of the documents or your notes?

#12) How many documents were never returned to the National Archives?

#13) What (in generic terms) where they about?

#14) Berger claims they were "discarded." How?

#15) Were they destroyed? Shredded? Burned?

#16) If you did not know you had them, but you "discarded" them it seems obvious that you did not destroy them. Is that correct?

[Bergler has himself in a pickle here- He can't say he shredded them because he "never knew he had them," why would he shred them? But he can't exactly say that he just put them out with the trash. -ed]

#17) Did information about terrorism vulnerabilities get disposed of in an insecure manner?

#18) Point Blank: Did any of the information get transmitted in anyway to anyone else in any way, shape, manner or form?

#19) Same question again so the sound bite will be more impressive later if it comes out he lied.

#20) Did John Kerry (or anyone in the campaign) know you were under criminal investigation for the mismanagement of classified documents relating to national security?

#21a) But they kept you on as advisor?

#21b) So you did not tell them for the last 9 months?

[Another Pickle- Either Kerry kept on as security advisor a guy who is under criminal investigation for mishandling national security documents OR Bergler held that information from him. If so, the Dems should hate him.]

#22) How long has Bill Clinton known you were under investigation?

#23) Did he tell John Kerry?

#24) Did you Profit in any way from taking the documents?

#25) Did your business profit?

#26) Friends/relatives/associates profit?

#27) Were the documents kept in a secure location while in your possession?

#28) Did anyone have access to their location while they were in your possession?

#29) Did you tell the FBI if they had remained secure?

#30) WHY? WHY Sandy, WHY? What was so important about those papers you would risk federal prison to steal them?

Obviously, I could come up with another 30 quickly. And the follow-up questions once I got the answers would multiply. The media is seriously behind on this story. The NYT and CBS have obviously tried to shut the story down in one news cycle. SOMEBODY should be asking these questions. If I can come up with 30 questions in 5 minutes, it ain't that hard.


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Comments (4)

Why was Berger still holdin... (Below threshold)

Why was Berger still holding a security clearance? He didn't need it anymore, since he was no longer a National Security Advisor

#31: What did Kerry know, a... (Below threshold)

#31: What did Kerry know, and when did he know it?

#32: Who asked you to remove the documents and what is your relationship to him/her?

#33: If you were a tree, co... (Below threshold)

#33: If you were a tree, could Bill Clinton be hanged from your branches?

After removing the document... (Below threshold)

After removing the documents from your pants did they contain "special sauce?"

If so was Monica in close proximity?






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