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Bereger With All The Fixings

In an effort to keep current with this (now) fast breaking story but not making 50 posts, I'm going to be updating this post thru-out the day. Sometimes the updates will get ahead of the links.

AP Now Congress is going to investigate. TV Hearings?

BREAKING NEWS FLASH As of 12:12 Eastern Time, the front page of the CNN website does not have a Sandy Berger story anywhere but has Jenna Bush sticking out her tongue at reporters in 3 places! Rush right over to see the the latest details on this important story!

USA Today-...Berger was alerted to the missing documents and later returned some of the materials. On subsequent visits by Berger, Archives staffers specially marked documents he reviewed to try to ensure their return. But the government official said some of those materials also went missing, prompting Archives staffers to alert federal authorities." Via James So much for the "I was sloppy" defense.

WSJ (subscription but) via NewsMax- Bergler took classified information on 5 occasions. (So much for the "They fell into my socks" defense.)

CNN TV- 3 lawmen have told CNN he put documents in his socks. (if this is just a rumor, it is a big one)

CNN TV- Berger has tried to cop a plea many times but DOJ passed. (That ain't good)

CNN- "A government source told CNN that some of the documents at issue were classified as "code word" materials -- the highest level of security, making them more closely held than nuclear secret"

CNSNews- 'Socks' Give Berger Story Legs, Former Clinton Official Says -- I linked this just for the head. Stephanie gets this one right in some ways.

NRO has a good story with details left out of many news reports. (multiple times, what he took, threat review)

Denver Post today (Drudge last night) Clinton thinks the whole thing is funny. "'We were all laughing about it,' Clinton said about the investigation into Sandy Berger for taking classified terrorism documents from the National Archives. "

CNSNews- It still is not on the front page of many papers.


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