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Decision Time for the Dems

The Dems have a problem. They have to decide if they are going to the mat for Sandy Bergler or not. Consider all the permutations running thru my mind:

Bergler has been under investigation since October.

Apparently, Bill Clinton has known about it the whole time.

During that time Bergler has been security advisor to John Kerry.

That begs some questions...

Did Kerry keep on as security advisor a guy who is under criminal investigation for mishandling national security documents? If so Kerry can kiss the election good-bye.

If Kerry did NOT know, that means both Bergler and Clinton kept it from Kerry. (WOW!)

If Bergler kept the fact he was under criminal investigation from the Kerry campaign, the Dems will drop him like a hot potato. (or will they?)

Rush Limbaugh has been arguing for months that Bill and Hillary don't want Kerry to win. If Bill kept this a secret, that would lend a lot of weight to a theory I have previously been skeptical of. (If Bill "set Kerry up" by keeping the secret it is the political play of the millennia.)

If the Dems make Bergler the fall guy then it disgraces the Dems.

If they defend him and it comes out Kerry knew, the Dems are double disgraced.

If they defend him and he kept a secret from Kerry, they are spending political capital on damaged goods.

If the DON'T defend him they get disgraced and it looks like they can't manage national security.

All they can hope for is that the media covers for them. With the so noted exception of the Times coverage to date, that ain't gonna happen.

Mark my words: While this story is really about Berger, the question, "What did Kerry know and when did he know it?" is going take the story over. QUICK


Feel free to drop your own thoughts in the comments, there are an almost infinite number of possibilities. I sorta change what I think each of the parties may do. But I do know one thing for sure... The Dems need to figure this out -- and fast.


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Comments (7)

You overestimate the mendac... (Below threshold)

You overestimate the mendacious media's ability to overtly ignore news which falls outside their worldview.

Tin Foil Hat TimeB... (Below threshold)

Tin Foil Hat Time

Berger has left the papers at Kerry headquarters where they are mysteriously found on Wednesday of next week. This throws the convention into turmoil, and the decision is made to drop Kerry.

Whom do they turn to at this late stage?

.... The Clintons are the masters of the game.

Brad- Maybe- But I don't th... (Below threshold)

Brad- Maybe- But I don't think that is going to happen. Pre-FoxNews/ Blogosphere - maybe. But I don't think they will get away with it.

Tom, I like the way you think. ;-) That would make a hell of a story huh? Glad you gave us that tin foil hat warning though. ;-)

Hmmm- What if the Dems turn... (Below threshold)

Hmmm- What if the Dems turned on Clinton and said Bergler was covering for him? Nah.

The media has ignored multi... (Below threshold)

The media has ignored multiple "non-stories" despite the blogosphere's din. The blogosphere seems a bit like shouting into a tin can - most people still rely on the major news outlets. The questions that ought to be asked most likely won't, and this story, as the Joe Wilson story, will fade away as nothing more than a quaint, quirky, almost amusing, anecdote.

But there is one thing that... (Below threshold)

But there is one thing that is more important to these people than even their bias. FAME. They want to be the one to bring down a name.

Besides a few good questions from Carl Cameron (spelling?) and the cat is out the bag.

Patience grasshopper.

The only wrinkle in the "he... (Below threshold)

The only wrinkle in the "he did it to help Kerry" end of the story is that when the alleged pants stuffing occurred, Berger had no way of knowing that Kerry would be running for president or that he would be Kerry's political adviser.

However, the latest conspiracy gaining ground is that Hillary leaked the story to further her agenda of a brokered convention.






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