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Jeopardy Streak Rolls On

Rooftop Report has been tracking the stats of Jeopardy uber-champ Ken Jennings. Jennings is over a $1 million dollars in earnings and has won so many days in a row that he threatens to run the table for this season of Jeopardy. If there were game show fantasy leagues he'd be a lock for the top pick in next seasons draft.

Also, Ken may have a bit of the OCD...


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Comments (2)

Yeah, my wife detest Ken wi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, my wife detest Ken with a passion! What gets me is that he hasn't even been threateneed going into Final Jeapardy yet. And the guy is very good but is not unbeatable! Amazing they haven't had one contestant even come close. Of course, I'm sure my Mormon relatives are having one gigantic collective orgasm over this.

I keep watching just to see... (Below threshold)

I keep watching just to see if he comes to the end of the game, where he must singlehandedly defeat Alex Trebek to become the Jeopardy Master, who then has to defend his kingdom against attack.






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