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Meet Erika Ebbel (MIT '04)

In high school Erika determined that extracts from the Mongolian dandelion kill Herpes simplex virus type-1, more commonly known as the cold sore. Erica is a classical pianist, and she graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music at age 17.

She was a chemistry major at MIT, with medical school eventually in her future. She's fluent in Russian and Spanish, and has more than a passing knowledge of Japanese. A member of the MIT pistol club, she's a pretty fair shot with a .22 caliber. She was a member of the MIT Dance Troupe and currently serves as an editor for Wellness Options magazine, a Canadian publication. She founded WhizKids, a nonprofit foundation designed to bring science and math fairs to junior high and high school students.

So what's so special about a self-professed "MIT nerd"?

She's Miss Massachusetts 2004...

Erika Ebbel

She'll be competing for the Miss America crown in September.

Erika Ebbel


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Comments (14)

Cool!And just reme... (Below threshold)


And just remember... It's not a beauty contest, it's a scholarship program.

Nice.We need more ... (Below threshold)


We need more hot-looking smart girls so the Wonkette's of the world don't triumph.

Man, what a dork.:... (Below threshold)

Man, what a dork.

::clicks the "Read the rest of the story " link::

I think I love her.

Very cool. It's nice to se... (Below threshold)

Very cool. It's nice to see that there are people out there with brains and beauty.

I won't deny that she's good looking, but not my type. She's way to skinny, she looks like she hasn't eaten in years. Give that girl a ham sammich!

The girl's been too busy to... (Below threshold)

The girl's been too busy to eat? Did you read that bio? heh

I dunno. I can only image s... (Below threshold)

I dunno. I can only image sex with her...

Me: Was it good for you?
Her: Statistically speaking, I could have any man I wanted. Therefor, taking the median sexual performance of all men, your performance "didn't fall to the right of the bell curve" if you get my drift. By the way, here's some dandelion extract. You're going to need it.

I think she's wonderful, al... (Below threshold)

I think she's wonderful, although I wouldn't mind it if she picked up a Hagen-Dasz habit.

I prefer my women a little cushier.

LOL @ sharp as a marble!</p... (Below threshold)

LOL @ sharp as a marble!

I was going to say, yeah, that's all great but is she good at (insert Andrew Dice Clay joke) - OOOOOOHHH!

Yeah, I think I just wasted... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I think I just wasted a perfectly good post to my blog there!

Go ahead and post it at you... (Below threshold)

Go ahead and post it at your site - we won't tell anyone. Also you can link directly to your comment here. The timestamp has the permalink.

Unless she became Thai over... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

Unless she became Thai overnight, the top picture is not her. Sorry, but she is a dog

Follow the Bio links - it's... (Below threshold)

Follow the Bio links - it's her. She's changed hairstyle often...

I'd be very curious to lear... (Below threshold)

I'd be very curious to learn what on earth is wrong with you people who don't find that picutre stunningly attractive. It took a full 15 seconds to get my jaw off the floor.

Though I guess I shouldn't complain about those for whom she is not "their type," as that leaves more of "that type" for the rest of us.

very skinny....and make-up ... (Below threshold)

very skinny....and make-up and airbrushing do wonders.






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