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My Rife By Birr Crinton

This is a version of Clinton's autobiography I'd be interested in reading.

Beijing, China, Jul. 21 (UPI) -- Chinese book counterfeiters have had a heyday with former U.S. President Bill Clinton's memoirs, saying he was an ardent fan of Chairman Mao Zedong.

The paperback issued in Clinton's name and with his photo on the cover includes sizeable amounts of "new" material, while managing to be half the length of the original, The Times of London said Wednesday.

Clinton is the latest victim of Chinese publishing pirates, who counterfeit entire books and rewrite the contents. Acting on the orders of their employers, translators regularly add invented content to make foreign books more appealing, such as Clinton's memories of his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

"She was very fat. I can never trust my own judgment," the Mandarin version said.

In the knock-off version, Clinton quotes Chairman Mao frequently.


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Comments (9)

Are you certain that it's a... (Below threshold)

Are you certain that it's a knock-off? Sounds legit to me ...

If the Chinese are going to... (Below threshold)

If the Chinese are going to revise history, chances are that Bill Clinton would be supportive.

Isn't the substituting the ... (Below threshold)

Isn't the substituting the r's for l's in the title a tad offensive?

Are you offended?<... (Below threshold)

Are you offended?

Hell, the Chinese probably ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hell, the Chinese probably consider (and with a damn good reason) Clinton "bought and paid for" years ago, and therefore they can do whatever they want with his book.

If Clinton is an honest politician (as in "once he's bought, he stays bought"), he won't object too strenuously.

I can't believe I just built an argument on the premise that Bill Clinton is honest... I blame it on the gastroenteritis.

Back to the throne...


Mandarin speakers can say b... (Below threshold)

Mandarin speakers can say both 'l' and 'r'. It is the Japanese who replace 'l' with 'r'. On the other hand, Taiwanese speakers do just the opposite.

I found this gem as well on... (Below threshold)

I found this gem as well on meeting his wife:

She (Hillary) was as beautiful as a princess. I told her my name is Big Watermelon" and "China is a mysterious and unique place.

I can tell you firsthand the Chinese love Clinton I'm looking for a copy if I find one I put it up on my site.

The question isn't whether ... (Below threshold)

The question isn't whether I am offended but that the what was written was offensive.

Obviously, Kevin doesn't th... (Below threshold)

Obviously, Kevin doesn't think its offensive since he wrote it. I don't find it offensive because some orientals really do talk like that though, as SC pointed out, the particular way of speaking Kevin used isn't typically associated with the Chinese.

I certainly don't get offended when people from other parts of the country make fun of my North Dakota accent nor would I be offended if some Chinese were making fun of an American accent on one of their websites.

So no, I don't think its offensive at all.






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