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Olympic Fashion

The BBC reports that Britain's female Olympic atheletes are getting their own set of Great Britian branded thongs.

Thongs are standard issue for the ladies, while the gents will be sporting rather more modest boxer shorts. Both come complete with patriotic Union Jack motif and are designed to go under one of several different outfits for use during the Games.
Apparently the granny knickers hadn't been a real popular underwear option.


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Comments (7)

Ok...that is so damn cool.<... (Below threshold)

Ok...that is so damn cool.

Hail Britania!

Those thongs are so revolti... (Below threshold)

Those thongs are so revolting.

Who wants their flag in their ass?

Some people, apparently. T... (Below threshold)

Some people, apparently. Though maybe not always the butt.

I find this revolting and d... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I find this revolting and disgusting in the extreme, and I have an elegant solution: let's take the Olympics back to their original ideal, and have all contestants compete nude.

It ought to do wonders for the TV ratings. I know I'd probably skip the male events and the female shot-putting and weightlifting, but I see myself taping the hurdles and a few of the gymnastics events for posterity...

I'll leave others to consider how to apply this principle to the Winter Games.


Rob:Next time you ... (Below threshold)


Next time you link to something like that, please give a little warning for us flaming hetersexuals, ok?

oops--heterosexuals,... (Below threshold)

heterosexuals, that is . . . wasn't trying to invent a new lifestyle or anything

Sorry Bo, was just trying t... (Below threshold)

Sorry Bo, was just trying to make a point about flags-as-underwear.

Perhaps the banana hammock was too much.






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