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Paul Johnson Jr's Head Found

AP via ABC

Head of Slain American Hostage Found

Head of Slain U.S. Hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., Kidnapped and Beheaded by Saudi Militants, Found

CAIRO, Egypt July 21, 2004 - The head of slain American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., who was kidnapped and beheaded by militants in Saudi Arabia last month, was found in a raid on a militant hideout in the Saudi capital, the Saudi Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

In a statement, broadcast on Saudi al-Ekhbariya television monitored in Cairo, the Interior Ministry said the head was found in a freezer in an apartment. The statement said the rest of the body was not found.

At least the Saudi officials are pretending to follow up on this.


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Comments (7)

The head of slai... (Below threshold)
The head of slain American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., who was kidnapped and beheaded by militants in Saudi Arabia last month

As usual, the AP and Reuters won't say the "T" word.

If you kidnap a civilian, make political demands, decapitate him and then put your head in the freezer, they still won't call you a terrorist. (Because, hey, one man's Terrorist is another man's Freedom Fighter, right?)

Err -- "... put his ... (Below threshold)

Err -- "... put his head in the freezer ...". Feeling a little frustrated, as you can imagine.

joe...until the press beoco... (Below threshold)

joe...until the press beocomes more desensitized this is all you will get. Why should the Cairo media put themselves at risk by reporting the truth? It's so much easiler to take the cowards way out don't you think? Let's call them militants and maybe they won't come looking for us if we don't piss them off.
Call a spade a spade. These thugs are TERRORISTS plain and simple.

bnelay my last please...<br... (Below threshold)

bnelay my last please...
I meant to say "Why should the Saudi media"
Please insert and re read above (ha)

:-)I give up.. Can't... (Below threshold)

I give up.. Can't type..you guys know what I mean...BELAY my last.

I remain sceptical about he Saudi's...truly I do

<a href="http://www.larslar... (Below threshold)
Boy i pity the fool that we... (Below threshold)

Boy i pity the fool that went and murdered that innocent man. I hope he has his bags packed, because hes going to hell once he gets his ass kicked. I hear its hot down there. al-Zarqawi deserves to have every part of his living body cut up and grinded into the ground. I would kill him if i had the chance, and boy would i be one mother f***ing bitch.I would bust his head open against the wall so many times until it cracked like a coconut and all his blood came spilling out. That bitch pisses me off, period.






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