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Where are the 9/11 Widows?

It is an obvious question really. Where are the 9/11 widows? You know, the obnoxious 4 that booed and hissed their way thru the public meetings of the 9/11 commission.

Kristen Breitweiser was a modern day Madame Defarge taking every opportunity to bash Bush for "covering up" information about what could have prevented 9/11. Yet now that a Democrat is caught stealing classified documents that might shed some light onto that topic, Mrs. Defarge and her backup singers are strangely quite.

Don't tell me they were just partisan hacks playing on their dead relatives souls to score political points. A good liberal would never do such a thing.

I'm also forced to wonder why the media has not interviewed them. During the public hearings, the media swooned like school girls every time the women opened their mouths. Certainly the media must be interested in what they have to say about the Bergler case. After all, Bergler was obviously trying to steal a specific set of documents.

I guess this is just another one of those questions I'll never get an answer to.


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ME:"Paul, they were ... (Below threshold)

"Paul, they were just partisan hacks playing on their dead relatives souls to score political points."

I thought you needed to hear that

the JERSEY GIRLS were on th... (Below threshold)

the JERSEY GIRLS were on the TODAY SHOW this morning.

Katie Couric never asked about Sandy Bergler, but there was mention of the Millenium Plot.

Mrs. Breitweiser mentioned that she was disappointed that the report doesn't answer all of her questions.

I guess she means that it doesn't blame Bush enough.

er- thanks TC... (Below threshold)

er- thanks TC

Just so you know, I can't s... (Below threshold)

Just so you know, I can't say Berger in conversations. It always comes out Bergler even when I'm trying not to.

Making plans for Boston? Su... (Below threshold)

Making plans for Boston? Surely, they'll have some soundbite oppty at the Dim Convention.

Courtney: me too. I didn't ... (Below threshold)

Courtney: me too. I didn't even realize I was doing it until a friend pointed it out this afternoon.

I noticed that on the news ... (Below threshold)

I noticed that on the news page of AOL when they had the blurb about the 9/11 report, these hags were pictured reading the 9/11 report. Nothing on the page at all about Berger, not even the letter from McAuliffe calling for FOIA on the investigation.

Earthlink also had nothing about Berger. To get to an article, you had to select the AP news source and then go to the bottom of the 100 articles mentioned and then the article was about McAuliffe's FOIA more than anything else.

Guess they are trying to see if they can make the story disappear. Not if I can help it. I spent several years handling the top code word stuff during the Kennedy years and being scared out of my wits that I would mess up and end up in jail. If this nitwit gets off it will be a slap in the face of all of us who have obeyed the law and cared for the security of our country. Thank God it came out before he was named Secretary of State in the sad event that Kerry should be elected (biting my tongue very hard now!!).

You all are a bunch of mean... (Below threshold)

You all are a bunch of mean, pathetic Bush lovers. Get a clue and pick up a paper or a remote and learn a little something about your precious.






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