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Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Not only are we mere weeks away from the first NFL preseason game; there's this news from the USATODAY

Sometimes it seems football is on TV all the time. During an unprecedented stretch of 19 consecutive days this fall, it will be.

Football teams play only once a week, but television viewers are under no such restriction. From Oct. 28 to Nov. 15, at least one football game - major college or pro - will be televised each day. That includes Election Day.


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Well, this is obviously a p... (Below threshold)

Well, this is obviously a plot spun by the VRWC to keep lower-to-middle-class Americans away from the polls! I'm sure they'll run a 24-hour marathon of the greatest Super Bowl games in history on election day just to lock-up a Bush win . . . lol






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