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9-11 Commission On Iraq

Jon Henke has compiled every (notable) reference to Iraq from the 9-11 Commission Report report into one place. Jon's conclusion:

While certainly not conclusive evidence of extensive collaboration, the 9/11 report seems to give a great deal of weight to the charges that there were "ties" between Iraq and Al Qaeda. It also rains on the parades of one Mr Clarke, who had claimed Iraq was a diversion, that there was "absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda, ever". In fact, it is quite devastating on that point, using Clarke's own words.
Very interesting stuff.


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Funny how partisanship infl... (Below threshold)

Funny how partisanship influences how we see these things. Anyway, Kevin can you change your Blogroll to reflect my new URL, In Search of Utopia has moved.

By coincidence, I just upda... (Below threshold)

By coincidence, I just updated my blogroll a few minutes before I read your comment, David. Not that anybody reads my blog. :)






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