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Clinton Cabinet Crime Watch

Just days after the news that former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger had his informal borrowing privileges revoked from the National Archives comes news that former Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary is reported to have been taken off an airliner by the FBI after allegedly raising such a disruption, she had to be restrained.

If this keeps up, “Clinton Administration Official” might start enjoying the same level of prestige as “former child star.” Maybe I ought to open a pool on who will get in trouble with the law, and how – Janet Reno for poaching alligators? Robert Reich for shoplifting at Rochester Big and Tall? Donna Shalala starting a brawl in a Victoria’s Secret?


Please note this is from "The Tennessean," the paper that employed Al Gore as a reporter for five years.


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>>one word. EW... (Below threshold)


one word. EW

ummm... the first chunk of ... (Below threshold)

ummm... the first chunk of my comment disappeared. hmmm... well, let's try that again.

"Donna Shalala starting a brawl in a Victoria’s Secret"

one word. EW

hope that works :-)

Beth,At least it w... (Below threshold)


At least it wasn't Madeline Albright.

"Please note this is from "... (Below threshold)

"Please note this is from "The Tennessean," the paper that employed Al Gore as a reporter for five years."

Al Gore had a job?

Al (I invented Internet) Go... (Below threshold)

Al (I invented Internet) Gore Jr. flunked out of Divinity school before trying his hand on Journalism(tm). That's before his father the late US Senator Al Gore Sr. decided to bring him back to family business.

Yeah, but what did the Whit... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but what did the White House know and when did it know it?

Hey, it makes as much sense now as it did earlier this week...






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