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Getting Jiggy With His Piggly Wiggly

Upon learning that Brad Pitt would have a nude scene in Troy, Will Smith reportedly lobbied hard for a nude scene in I, Robot. Alas, Will's willie has been IOL: digitally chopped out of the movie.

Smith bares all in a shower scene in the new sci-fi adventure film, which stormed to the top of the American box office at the weekend, but fans in the US will miss the actor's full frontal shot thanks to a little last-minute digital work.

The actor chose to reveal all in the scene to show how vulnerable his paranoid character is - but producers feared censors would cause a fuss, and cut the sight of Smith's manhood from the film.

The disappointed star says: "It's interesting because America is the only place that it's really a big deal.

"The scene in this movie was full frontal nudity, but they had to digitally remove it. It was the most expensive CGI shot in the movie. I hope the nude scene appears in other countries."

Perhaps the scene cutting is a way to pump up DVD sales of the movie.

- All puns intentional...


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Comments (3)

I don't know, the prospect ... (Below threshold)

I don't know, the prospect of seeing a full-frontal shot of Pitt or Smith will probably keep me out of theatres until the fascination with this particular body part cools off a bit . . .

As far as it being "the most expensive CGI shot in the movie", perhaps Mr. Smith has endowments that make him more suitible to, er, shall we say "other genres".

I've seen I, Robot a... (Below threshold)

I've seen I, Robot and having Smith's Johnson front and center would have been gratuitous. I know, that's the point, but still - no need to add that to a movie just because you can, imho.

I miss the old days when it... (Below threshold)

I miss the old days when it was just women showing their stuff on camera.






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