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I Was Clueless Before I Had A Clue 2

John Kerry - "I didn't have a clue"

Looks like someone got a clue; the clue that when the information on Berger's purloined documents are shown to match the Kerry Anti-Terror Plan, the "no clue" excuse isn't going to fly. So what did Kerry and Co. do? Kerry Anti-Terror Plan Removed From Campaign Web Site After Berger Revelation.

Luckily the document has been preserved for posterity (from the Google cache prior to it's expiration) at Free Republic.

Anyone remember back to this kerfuffel about the White House web site in October of 2003? That was over a ROBOTS.TXT file (which includes or excludes pages and directories from search engine scans). Anyone want to bet that this Kerry history rewrite won't make the Washington Post?

Hat Tips: Steve H., Ace of Spades, Right Voices.


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