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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, and I was stupid enough to suggest a picture to Kevin for this week's Caption Contest. Next thing I know, I'm running the bloody Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ again.

This week's photo is courtesy of the Wayback machine, from 1999. From left to right: Defense Secretary William Cohen, President Bill Clinton, State Secretary Madeline Albright, and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.

As always (well, nearly always), winners will be announced on Sunday.


Comments (31)

"Hear no evil, speak no evi... (Below threshold)

"Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, and Mr. Evil himself."

Berger: No, no. I didn't sa... (Below threshold)

Berger: No, no. I didn't say we'd cracked the case, I said I have the case in my crack!

well..I THOUGHT I had a goo... (Below threshold)

well..I THOUGHT I had a good one till I read Roberts!!!
I think I'll second that one!

Clinton and two of his top ... (Below threshold)

Clinton and two of his top advsisors ignore Sandy Berger, each in a slightly different way.

Find the stolen top secret ... (Below threshold)

Find the stolen top secret documents in the photo.

Rolling onto one cheek, San... (Below threshold)

Rolling onto one cheek, Sandy reminds everyone in the room who, in fact, is the One Big "Cheese"

As Hillary sings Itsy B... (Below threshold)

As Hillary sings Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini:

COHEN: (thinking)Oh...my...GOD her voice is screechy. No wonder Bill never spends any time with her.

BILL: (thinking)God I think I'm gonna barf. Think Monica...think Monica.,

ALBRIGHT: (thinking)I can't watch! Yet, strangely, I can look at myself in the mirror. Naked. Strange...

BERGER: (speaking)Ahhh yeah. You go girl! Hold on, this CIA briefing in my pants is startin' to chaffe.

Clinton:"Ha, foole... (Below threshold)


"Ha, fooled ya' -- it's my thumb, see?"

Chris Farley entertains the... (Below threshold)

Chris Farley entertains the Clinton trio........

Yeah, He cut the cheese.....Thats gonna leave a mark.

Spectators react with mixed... (Below threshold)

Spectators react with mixed emotions at the first annual Janet Reno Stripshow.

As the strains of the Vill... (Below threshold)

As the strains of the Village People’s “YMCA” play in the background:

Cohen: “I can make an “O” this way..”

WJC: “This sort of looks like an “S”..”

Madeline: “I got the “A”..”

Sandy: “ The “M” is a little tougher, but if I move my arms this way..”

WJC: “ Hey, we need another “A”. Hillary, get over here in this last chair and make a real “A” out of yourself! Ha ha ha…! Damn, this national security stuff really IS funny. It is just so great that we can all laugh about it!”

Sandy: “Yeah this is a good one. We can’t forget to break into this routine at the security meeting next week. I’ll jot down a little note here in this report from Clarke to remind us. Note: Gang must break into O-S-A-M-A routine every time someone says “Osama Bin Laden.” “

Clinton: So I took the cig... (Below threshold)

Clinton: So I took the cigar out of Monica and smoked it afterwards.

Cohen and Allbright laughing in disgust.

Berger: Give me the cigar Bill. I need to stick it in my socks to destroy the evidence.

Not listening to the threat... (Below threshold)

Not listening to the threat of Osama Bin Laden
Say nothing about the threat of Osama Bin Laden
See nothing that Osama Bin Laden is preparing
Do nothing about Osama Bin Laden

Unsure where he fits into t... (Below threshold)

Unsure where he fits into the "hear no evil . . ." pose, Sandy Berger attempts to portray an absence of brain activity as he goes for "think no evil".

Instead of fixing the mista... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Instead of fixing the mistake, Cohen, Clinton, and Allbright fix the blame.

Hear no Osama,Say no... (Below threshold)

Hear no Osama,
Say no Osama,
See no Osama,
Reaching for pen to mark "No attack Osama"

The Clinton team, upon disc... (Below threshold)

The Clinton team, upon discovery that they have consolidated all the world's evil within themselves, struggle to keep any of it from escaping.

Wow! What are the odds that... (Below threshold)

Wow! What are the odds that you'd find a picture of all of them in the reading room at the National Archives?!

Hillary in a bikini, enough... (Below threshold)

Hillary in a bikini, enough said

1. "GODDAMMIT BIL... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


Everyone, except Sandy, was dumbfounded when Hillary revealed her political ambitions by showing she had "20" tattooed on one butt cheek and "08" on the other. Sandy broke the silence when he asked, "Do you really think you'll still be alive in 20008, Hillary?"

Yes Sandy, you are evil!</p... (Below threshold)

Yes Sandy, you are evil!



Berger: Good thing I inhal... (Below threshold)

Berger: Good thing I inhaled. That's the only way this is funny...

Berger: "Hey, let's play an... (Below threshold)

Berger: "Hey, let's play another game of 'Guess What I Have in My Pants'!"

Cohen: "I didn't just hear you say that!"

Clinton: "I think I'm gonna hurl."

Albright: "I'm so embarrassed that I keep winning this game!"

Cohen was lucky to be far e... (Below threshold)

Cohen was lucky to be far enough away that the major impact of Berger's flatulence was auditory.

Hear no evil...speak no evi... (Below threshold)

Hear no evil...speak no evil...see no evil...pinch my nipple.

Hear no evil...speak no evi... (Below threshold)

Hear no evil...speak no evil...see no evil...pinch my nipple.

Why do I always get "have n... (Below threshold)

Why do I always get "have no fun"?

Stephen,Cohen w... (Below threshold)


Cohen was lucky to be far enough away that the major impact of Berger's flatulence was auditory.

What makes you think Bergler did it? Do you see classified documents floating around the room? An explosion of that magnitude would surely have caused a great deal mof paper shrapnel to be in evidence.

On the principle of "He who smelt it dealt it," I say, look to Clinton.

Hear no evil. Speak no evil... (Below threshold)
Steve the Llamabutcher:

Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil. Blame the inevitable on the "suspicious timing" and "laxity" of your opponents.

Clinton. "Jesus, look at ... (Below threshold)
Martin Kozloff:

Clinton. "Jesus, look at her fat disgusting knee. I'm gonna hurl!"

Cohen. "I didn't hear that!"

Albright. "Hey, Bill, you're not stickin' that thing in MY face."

Berger. "Oh, great! Now I gotta chubby."






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